Magic Drone Mod

We are going ahead with the mod, on all TagParty taggers, as it has proved very successful and has eliminated the lock-up failures due to the Drone’s CPU momentarily losing power (battery jiggle).

The Magic Drone mod is very simple, but effective. It uses the supercapcitor below:

Product Information

  • Mouser Part #:           555-DX-5R5V334U
  • Manufacturer Part #:   DX-5R5V334U
  • Manufacturer:             Elna   Data Sheet
  • Description:               Memory Backup Capacitors V/MOUNT 5.5V 0.33F


    1. Open the tagger and pull the keypad board out to provide access
    2. Unsolder the Brown 4.5V supply wire and make sure the through hole is free from solder
    3. Insert the legs of the capacitor into the hole that the 4.5V wire was removed from and the adjacent hole, which is conveniently ground. Make sure that you have the capacitors polarity matched – the longer leg being the +ve (the capacitor is also marked). Solder in place.
    4. Solder the brown 4.5V wire onto the now protruding +ve leg of the capacitor. The wire is now attached to the board from the opposite side to its previous location.
    5. Reassemble 

I would also recommend cleaning the trigger tactile switch while you have the Drone open. Simply remove the red rubber cap and , using rubbing alcohol and a swab, clean off any excess graphite.

Pictures of the Magic Drone Mod and where to clean can be found here.

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