LTTO Drone Tagger The TagParty Infra Red (IR) Drone Laser Tagger is a lightweight, brightly colored, futuristic, pistol style Tagger. We call it a "Tagger" as it sends out and receives the IR tags used to score points in the game. The Taggers' microcomputers controls all the game functions, communicating, synchronizing and scoring all the games at a TagParty. Construction: Tough ABS plastic Weight: 1lbs 2oz (512g). Range: 200ft in bright sunlight. Optic: Dual lens IR receiver/transmitter Communication and Sensor Dome: 360° capability with 3 photo-sensors and 4 LED beacons Power: Internal NiMH battery. Display: Alpha-Numeric LCD with dual 7-segment numeric display Sound: Inbuilt speaker
Many of the sounds will be heard in combination e.g. "Out of ammo" and "Auto-Reload". Expect a delay in the "hit confirmation" sound as being tagged, and other information providing sounds take priority over it. Knowing the meaning of each sound will help you in a game as they provide useful information without requiring you to view the display. Watch out for the "cannot fire" sound this is a good way to recognize that you have left your shields on, or,  have accidentally switched them on

favicon_partytagger_rPower up

favicon_partytagger_gCountdown  - Time to head to the starting team bases. DO NOT leave the hosting station until you have the T-30 countdown started.

favicon_partytagger_rGood Luck! - Signals the beginning of the game, DO NOT pull the trigger before you hear this sound or you will be disqualified and not get a score at the end of the game.

favicon_partytagger_gSingle laser tag fired

favicon_partytagger_rTriple laser tag burst fired

favicon_partytagger_gOut of ammo

favicon_partytagger_rAuto-Reload  - 2 second delay before you can fire again.

favicon_partytagger_gCannot fire - Your shields are on, you need to wait for the reload, or you are in overheat. This is also heard when the shield button is pressed and shields are not available.

favicon_partytagger_rOverheat - To much rapid fire will cause a simulated overheat, wait for the "OVHT" countdown to clear before firing. You can still be tagged. while in overheat.  Too many overheats can disqualify you.

favicon_partytagger_gOn target- opponent - Time to fire. You cannot "Lock-on" to a player when their shield are on.

favicon_partytagger_rOn target- teammate .

favicon_partytagger_gLaser tag received

favicon_partytagger_rLaser tag hit confirmation - If you don't hear it don't worry, it could be delayed or the hit Tagger was moved before you picked up the signal.

favicon_partytagger_gShields on - Shield run for a maximum of 10 seconds, then switch off. As with a manual switch you will need to wait 2 second before you can switch them back on. Trying to turn on shield too early or if you have used all of your allotted game shield time will result in you hearing the "cannot fire" sound

favicon_partytagger_rLaser tag blocked by shields

favicon_partytagger_gDanger! - Opponent is within 10 feet of you.

favicon_partytagger_rWarning! - down to your last 5 tags, time to hide

favicon_partytagger_gYou're Out! - Return to the debrief station

favicon_partytagger_rGame Over! - Return to the debrief station

favicon_partytagger_gShut down

[Sound provided by Greg Gaub. LazerTag, LTTO, IRT-2X and Thunder Pack are Trademarks  of Hasbro / Tiger Inc.]
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